Emeralds like Cleo

Know Your Birthstone

Hey Taurus and Gemini, better late than never, so let’s talk about Emeralds. The word originated from the Greek term “smaragdos” and means “green gem”.


Shop South Street Seaport, NYC

My Findings

Facing Brooklyn Bridge’s seaport is a street named 14 Old Fulton, a cool street that drew my attention because it packs a couple of young talents and fun concept stores along with a pretty Café-Trottoir, despite the industrial and busy vibe that the area gives. It’s like a small getaway from Brooklyn’s crowded atmosphere  to  something more chill and laid-back.

South Street Local Artists and Lee Lee’s Forest were the two shops of interest to me due to their creative content, of course.

King of all Birthstones

Know Your Birthstone

The Diamond holds significant meaning for Aries and Taurus signs born in April. Well it’s dear to all of us, but April people have it as their birthstone, and  wearing it is believed to bring balance, better relationships, and inner strength.

Aquamarine On The Scene

Know Your Birthstone

Haya, this one’s for you!

To all Pisces and Aries born in March, first of all, happy birthday; secondly, I envy you for having the Aquamarine as your birthstone. Its name, meaning seawater in Latin, and its cool watery blue hue gorgeously compliments this seasons’ wardrobe, and, best of all, reminds me of springtime’s first plunge into a refreshing pool.

Exhibition: Art For Life

Les Picoteurs


“Art For Life” is an exhibition that took place at Le Yacht Club Beirut Gallery – Zaitunay Bay from 10 till 13 March 2016. The display was organized by Cynthia Sarkis Perros – LUXURY LIMITED EDITION to the benefit of Tamanna, and it  gathered more than 100 talented Lebanese artists, painters, sculptors, and photographers.

Picotie Gets Technical

Les Picoteurs

Today, I would like to share with you a couple of things I’ve learned about jewelry design thanks to L’Art Du Bijou workshop. I got the opportunity to visit the inspiring ateliers of Antoine Hakim and Selim Mouzannar and witness jewelry in the making. I’ve put together for you, from scratch, the main steps of the jewelry manufacturing process.


  • Concept Design

A designer’s concept is the beginning of all things pretty. The magic starts off with a rough sketch, which is later turned into a precise drawing of the final design agreed upon by the designer and the craftsman. The model maker comes along next to create a 3D presentation of the piece.

concept design

Amethyst Jewelry for February

Know Your Birthstone

February’s Aquarius and Pisces are known to be wise, humble and sincere, which makes the Amethyst the perfect birthstone for these signs as it symbolizes these qualities.

Jan’s Gem: The Garnet

Know Your Birthstone


Capricorn and Aquarius signs born in January are lucky to have the Garnet as their birthstone. It is a protective energy stone which is believed to release bad karma and provide its bearer with balance and healing. Unless you want to get friendzoned for life, this jewel is a great gift to symbolize eternal friendship and trust.

Strange Much?

My Findings


I love it when something is so strange that it leaves me in a “wow, wait, whaat?” state. When in comes to the fashion world, strangeness makes you think, criticize, and be more creative and open to change.

Here’s a list of strange fashion and style fads with the wow/wait/what factor. Some of them are acceptable while a few are completely not okay, to me at least. Anyways, there it goes:

1-Fashionable Smog-Masks

pollution mask

After China’s toxic air pollution crisis, fashionable smog masks hit the runways at the Shanghai fashion week in April 2014, and were worn by the public shortly after. Believe it or not, over 10,000 stylish anti-pollution masks would be sold per week. I bet these masks would be a hit if they were available in Lebanon during our garbage crisis.

2-Plastic Plant Headpieces

Everyone in China is wearing plastic plants on their heads, and no one knows why. Linking this fad with the pollution crisis mentioned above, the Chinese could be trying to make a nature-appreciative statement about their desire to promote change and live in a better smog-free environment. Or not? We’ll never know…

2015’s Top Street Jewelry Trends

My Findings

2015 is coming to and end, and we all feel like sorting things out for ourselves to start fresh. I know many of you are trying to come up with resolutions, so I’m going to make it a little bit easier on you ladies. Here’s one that’ll make you stand out: more BLING this yeaarr! Oh, and speaking of bling, these are the top 20 jewelry styles that dominated the shops and took the Lebanese streets by storm.

1. The Tassel

tasselYou probably remember tassels hanging from curtains and furniture at your teta’s house, but guess what, the tassel has finally made it to clothes and accessories, and it’s here to stay. The colorful tassels are found at Accessorize and at the jewelry exhibitions.

2. The Fairouz Gemstone


This turquoise gem is a protection amulet, and has been long known as a symbol of wealth in many ancient cultures. It is often worn as a pendant along with a gold chain, or mixed with Coral gemstones. You can find great Fairouz designs at L’Atelier Nawbar:  www.lateliernawbar.com  .